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Bratislava is the Gothic and medieval old town of Slovakia that has the essence of history in it every corner and street. This scenic city is the capital of Slovakia from 1993 and the most developing region of Central Europe.

Tourists from all over the world travel to this modern metropolis to witness the historical charms and mind-boggling social life. Nevertheless, you will be even possessed by the baroque palaces, trade centers, shopping malls and even by the enrapturing arts of Slovak cooks and brewers.

In recent years, things like modish cafés, boutiques, and obsolete statues have been added to this land. Not only you will encounter things from the past, but Bratislava is even a great host for nightlife entertainment. From beer bar to hidden nightclubs you will find everything in this historical landmark.

When you are in Bratislava don’t forget to visit the Castle of Bratislava and the Old Town which are the most prominent spots in the city. Moreover, the lean roads of this magnificent city are an apt atmosphere for those couples who love the mist of history in the middle of modern times.