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Minsk is the capital city of Belarus whereas, it is even the administrative center as well. This beautiful city lies in the bank of the Svisloch River. This city is part of world history from 1067. However, Minsk even has a troublesome history of its own.

It is now the part of Belarus but this was not the case from the very beginning. Minsk was passed to Lithuania in the 14th century by Russia and later Poland gained power over it. However, in the year 1793, Russia once again reclaimed Minsk from Poland in the Second Partition of Poland.

From the beginning of the formation of this city, it has faced many disasters. It has first faced destruction by fire during 1505. Then, two centuries later Minsk was again damaged by the French troops. But these were nothing in front of the destruction that was caused during the Second World War.

But by now if you think that Minsk was only a destruction center then you are wrong here. This City of Belarus was steadily increasing in importance. It firstly became the provincial center in 1793 and later the industrial center in the 1870s. Finally, in 1919 it became the capital of the Belorussian republic.

The dark days of Minsk were during the Second World War when a large Jewish Community was systematically massacred. The city was completely demolished during this time but then destruction did not stop Minsk from growing. The locals of Minsk still state that it is a Phoenix city as it has always aroused from ashes. it was during this time when Minsk flourished in all aspects of both infrastructure and inhabitants.

In the present day, Minsk is the industrial center of Belarus. The economy of the country is based on machine buildings and the manufacturing of tractor and trucks. The industries even manufacture electronic motors, refrigerators, machine tools, radio, and television equipment as well.

On the other hand, this city is even educational, printing, and cultural center of Belarus. The most important center of education and culture in Minsk is the National Academy of Science in Belarus. It is a university that was founded in the year 1912. Moreover, it is one of the most popular cultural attractions visited by tourists.

Some of the other cultural and educational attractions for the tourist are National Museum of Culture and History, National Academic Bolshoi Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus, State Musical Comedy Theatre and State Theatre of Dolls.

Moreover, while you are in Minsk visit the other interesting historical and architectural monuments in the city such as the Victory Square, Independence Avenue, National Library, and Orthodox as well as Catholic Churches.