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Kraków, the former royal capital of Poland. This city amazingly fuses with the Medieval Era and Modern Times. It has a complete harmony of two different times.

This sumptuous city has seen both destruction and rebirth of its land. Back in history during the 13th century, Krakow was destroyed by the Tatars and then a century later it had emerged as the country capital.

This city was again mixed with the ashes during the First World War and it emerged again after 20 long years.

This city has the trait of emerging every single time after a defeat and every time it rises with a whole new ambiance.

Krakow is a wonderful place for architectural buffs. This city of Poland holds a thousand years of European Architectural style and structures. You will find traces of Romanesque, Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau.

The more intriguing part is that you will encounter late Gothic altarpiece in the interior of St Mary’s Basilica. Right in front of it is the magnificent Renaissance Hall which was built during the good days of Krakow’s royal authority.

Krakow is no longer the capital of Poland, but it is still renowned the cultural capital of Poland. Every year there are myriads of festivals held and tourists from around the world rush to this part of Poland during the festive season.

If you are planning to visit Krakow, then book your tickets now as this historical place waits for you to experience the new ambiance.